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Argentine Tango worldwide. 

What our students say about us…

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Doruk and Erin are exceptional social tango instructors.

I would like to emphasize two words of the above: "social" and "instructors."

I emphasize the social aspect because they have an uncanny and charming way of emphasizing the parts of tango that build a community.  They focus on the big picture and don't sweat the small stuff.  They tend to use figures in their classes that have some technical challenge and a bit of mystery, but are practical at their core.  It is clear that they focus on making their students better overall dancers instead of drilling into minutia.  

From an instructional standpoint, they have an overall picture of what they are trying to teach that is bigger than any particular figure.  Their lessons are clear, logical, and consistent.  There are many instructors that instruct because they are great dancers.  Doruk and Erin instruct because they are great instructors; their great dancing is the icing on the cake instead of the main course.

- David

I would like to thank Erin and Doruk for the gift of better understanding Argentine Tango.  Their clear, consistent, and patient instructional delivery has unlocked the many untold mysteries of this captivating dance. Their concept building classes coupled with their encouraging teaching style revealed the path to enjoyable social dancing.  Yes, I will "incorporate technique, but not be bound".  Many thanks.

- Lorna


“Erin and Doruk are truly enthusiastic and skilled dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango. Their approach to the dance is born of a deep understanding of tango technique and a passion to share that knowledge with others. Not only are they able to teach dancers at all levels in group classes, but they are also geniuses at finding what works for the individual. They put a lot of thought in to answering students’ questions and are two of the most attentive, committed, and joyful teachers I have ever worked with. I have grown so much as a social dancer because of this pair and I have seen my tango community improve as a whole during their visits. Erin and Doruk continue to blow my mind in class and I look forward to that continuing for some time to come.”

- Rachel

“Erin & Doruk are wonderful dancers and extremely insightful and knowledgeable as tango teachers as well. All in the tango community would benefit greatly on their tango journeys from their classes, in which students and teachers focus on and practice the elements of tango that make for truly great dancing, whether you're into the complicated stage stuff or the simpler and very elegant milonguero sensibilities... I cannot recommend Erin & Doruk enough!”

- Arturo


As teachers, the first thing that stood out to me about Erin & Doruk is that they are in this because they love the dance itself. Any opportunity to explore it, play with it, travel to discover more of it, they go! They will switch roles and dazzle you all the while; the perspectives they bring to the dance through their dual role abilities provide no limit to their curiosity and compassion. With endless amounts of marvel, they guide their students by coaching them to be aware of the potential this dance unlocks for them. Every time I take a class or a private lesson with them, I learn more about the possibilities within this dance and more about the possibilities within myself. Erin & Doruk are inspiring teachers, always willing to share their explorations and explore others presented to them. If you are able to take a class with them, I highly recommend learning from them. If you are an organizer, invite them to teach! The tango world is a better place for having them a part of it.

- Elly 

Erin and Doruk are absolutely awesome teachers if you want to learn Argentine Tango! They are extremely knowledgeable about theory and technique in the dance; you will walk away from their classes with not only vocabulary, but knowledge that is easy to understand and use to great effect on the social dance floor, and I can't recommend them enough.

- Marco

Thank you very much for your wonderful teaching over the years.
I’ve always been impressed; you have helped solve my problems and you are always so pleasant and effective!
You are both great, talented dancers also passionate, dedicated tango teachers!
I like your warm connection, and inspired interactions both with each other and with me. You trust in my dancing, a trustfulness which most teachers don't have when they dance with students.
You both bring so much fun to the lessons, a great sense of humor, and a wide variety of talents in life, I greatly enjoy your lessons. I am very happy to be your student!

- Lina